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Color/Appearance: Heartwood tends to be a reddish or violet-brown. Sapwood is a pale yellow color, and can appear throughout the heartwood as streaks and stripes.

Grain/Texture: Has a straight grain, usually with knots present. Has a very fine even texture

Eastern Red Cedar

  • Common Name(s): Aromatic Red Cedar, Eastern Redcedar

    Scientific Name: Juniperus virginiana

    Distribution: Eastern North America

    Tree Size: 100-115 ft (30-35 m) tall, 3-4 ft (1-1.2 m) trunk diameter

    Average Dried Weight: 33 lbs/ft3 (530 kg/m3)

    Specific Gravity (Basic, 12% MC): .44, .53

    Janka Hardness: 900 lbf (4,000 N)

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