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Mother Nature pulled out all her stops on this magnificent piece of wood. This is Ambrosia Maple at its finest. This platter is 13" across and about 3/8" thick. The natural bark was kept intact on the platter giving it a live edge. This can be finished as a food safe platter or as a decorative Wall Medallion. This piece of wood is still drying and is close to dry. It was a standing tree not that long ago. It had to come down because it had some rotted areas. If you want it as a food safe platter I will fill all the bug holes with clear epoxy and encase both surfaces in epoxy. If you want it as a wall medallion I will just put a satin finish on it just like you see. There is another listing priced more as a Food Safe Platter.

Beautiful Ambrosia Maple Wall Medallion With Bark Live Edge

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