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Beautiful Handmade Dyed and Stabilized Box Elder Burl Badger Hair shaving brush. This burl is highly figured. It is Available in 3 grades of brush. All are 100% Badger Hair.  Picture #1 is an A Grade Brush. A Grade is a premium brush. Picture #2 is the AAA Grade Brush. AAA Grade is a Deluxe brush. Picture #4 is a SilverTip brush. Silvertip is the top of the line, Softest, best exfoliating brush, makes the best lather! Handle is top quality Wood with accent colors imbedded not added.

Beautiful Box Elder Burl Badger Hair Shaving Brush

  • All my brushes are handmade and designed to fit your hand better than any other brush. Each brush is a one of a kind never to be made exactly the same. The picture you see is the brush you will get. Because you can upgrade the brush level of quality the brushes are not installed until they are sold. 

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