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This razor is a custom order razor for a client. You too can own one by requesting a custom order. I will make it for you any way you'd like. This razor can be made from any of the 80+ species of woods I stock. You can also design your own to me handmade to your specifications. This was made from a piece of stabilized Red Mallee Burl. Stabilization makes the wood waterproof. After it is turned by hand I apply many coats of a very durable waterproof finish. It can also be made as a Gillette Mach3 or a Double Edge Safety Razor. Most styles you also have a choice of Chrome Razor Parts (pictured) , Gun Metal, or 22k Triple Plated Gold.

Beautiful Handmade Red Mallee Burl Fusion Razor For Logan

  • Made from Stabilized Red Mallee wood with Gillette Fusion parts

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