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This shaving set is so classy. I made a beautiful set with an Acrylic called "Frozen Waters" . It is Navy Blue  with Light Blue and White swirls through out. This Acrylic is one of the most asked for in my inventory. I used 24K plated parts to make the stand and razor and the outcome was dramatic. I have sold many items with this acrylic in it because once you see it you want it. The razor can be either a Gillette Mach3 or a Venus. Just use the drop down box to make your selection to make sure you get the correct blade in your set. 1 blade is included.

Handmade 2 Piece Shaving Set "Frozen Waters"

  • High Quality Handmade Acrylics, Genuine Gillette Parts, Genuine Gillette Blade, 24K Plated Metal Parts

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