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A beautiful piece of Acrylic. This piece has such beauty. The Acrylic is a clear light blue coloring that looks like an iceberg floating in the water. It is displayed with a 24mm SilverTip brush but you will not get this brush for 49.95. It comes standard with a Grade A brush. I offer you 8 different levels of shaving brush. We also offer a Luxury SilverTip brush that is the top of the line brush at 109.95. Use the drop down box to make your selection. I do not install the brush permanently until they are sold. This brush was hand turned and polished by hand.  This  is also available as a Handle only if you have your own 24mm knot to set in it.

Handmade 24mm Badger Hair Brush "Arctic Iceberg"

  • Made From High Quality Acrylics and Badger Hair Brushes

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