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One beautiful brush! This one is  made from many layers of Dyed and Laminated wood. It was hand turned on my lathe and sanded to 1000 grit then finished with 10 coats of Cyanoacrylate Finish to make it waterproof. The wood has awesome colors and a great design. You can see in the picture how the finish shines. It is available with the 24mm Black Badger Brush that is shown or with several other available brushes. Further you can have it with a 26mm brush by special order. Contact me for pricing on 26mm brushes. Simply use the drop down box to make your choice of 24mm brushes. It is also available as a handle only, too.

Handmade 24mm Badger Hair Brush Multi Colored

  • Made fro Key West Bishop Wood and your choice of 3 Synthetic Knots

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