A beautiful handmade Gillette Mach 3Venus razor. Made from quality acrylics that looks like Coffee with Baileys Irish Cream in it. The razor has 24k gold plated parts. This takes all Mach 3 or Venus Embrace refills and comes with one as pictured. Please select your razor style from the drop down box. Other colors are available as well as chrome instead of gold. You can design your own personal razor. The art of a great shave is coming back. Visit a shaving shop and see how much they are selling the factory made ones for. We use the same parts to make them but handmake the barrels.

Handmade Baileys Irish Cream Swirl Razor

Blade Type
  • Made from high quality handmade Acrylic, Gillette razor parts, DURABLE 24K Titainium Nitrade Finish

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