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One absolutely awesome piece of Black Ash Burl was used to make this stunning 100% Badger Hair Shaving Brush. The brush is a AAA grade deluxe quality product. Complete with a 24K plated trim ring this brush will last you for years. The wood has been stabilized to make it rock hard and water resistant. It has been hand finished with 10 coats of a durable high gloss CA finish. You ask why do I need a shaving brush? Here's why! Besides being fun to collect, shaving brushes are critical for achieving an outstanding shave. First, the shaving brush infuses your shaving cream or soap with water, creating a richer lather than you could create with your fingers. Second, when you're applying the lather to your face, you're gently exfoliating your skin and removing dry cells so that your face is healthy and soft. Finally, a shaving brush helps to lift and soften the hair so that you can get the closest shave possible.

Handmade Black Ash Burl Shaving Brush

  • Black Ash Burl Wood, 100% Grade AAA Deluxe Badger Hair Brush, 24K Plated Bezel.

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