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This beautiful Shaving Brush is the one that is different from any other. It is made from Dyed and Stabilized Box Elder Burl Wood. The color is dyed all the way through the wood then it was stabilized to make it rock hard. It has a very unique color. As with all wood products it has inclusions and hard areas that will not take the dye. They show up as different colors in the wood. Take a close look at the pictured. You'll see how unique it really is.  We do not install the brushes until they sold to give you the choice. It is a one of a kind piece just like all my work. It is shown with a Silvertip 100% Badger Hair Brush.  You will not get this brush for 49.95. It comes standard with a Grade A Brush.Use the drop down box to make your choice of brush. There is a picture of all available brushes.There is a matching razor listed in this store if you would like them as a set.

Handmade Box Elder Badger Hair Shaving Brush

  • Made from Teal Dyed and Stabilized Box Elder Burl and a 100% Badger Hair Brush

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