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An awesome handmade Mach3 or Venus razor. This handle was made from a piece of Box Elder Burl that was dyed black then stabilized. It is not stained but instead dyed that means the color is all the way through the wood. The variations in the colors are where the burl wood was too hard to accept the dye. The grain and the inclusions are gorgeous. The metal parts have been plated with 24k Titanium Nitrade Gold which is very durable. Quite a masterpiece! Simply use the drop down box to select whether you wand a Mach3 blade or a Venus. It has been hand finished to a high gloss very durable finish. There is a matching Wet Shave Badger Brush listed on this site. If you want to buy them as a set please contact me and I'll make you a deal on the pair and make a listing as a set.

Handmade Box Elder Burl Razor

  • Dyed and Stabilized Box Elder Burl, 24k Titanium Nitrade Gillette Parts, Genuine Gillette Blade

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