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An awesome handmade Gillette Mach3 or Venus razor. This is from my "Jery" line of psychedelic handmade razors. This razor is truly a one of a kind # 101. I will never make this razor again. Each razor in the line is unique to itself. The handle is made from Acrylic. Each razor has a unique color pattern and unique design. This razor has a bigger than normal handle making it more comfortable to hold. It is also longer that most by a little. Specify which razor you want in the drop down box. One blade is included. I design these to be ergonomic to be the easiest to hold. They are so comfortable you'll never want to let go but you must go to work, so. Razor stand not included but is available in another listing.

Handmade Jery Garcia Designer Razor Mach3/Venus

  • Handmade Acrylics, Gillette Razor Parts, Chrome Accents, Genuine Gillette Blade

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