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Color/Appearance: Heartwood is usually a yellow to golden or medium brown, with color tending to darken over time. Pale yellow sapwood is clearly demarcated from the heartwood.

Grain/Texture: Iroko has a medium to coarse texture, with open pores and an interlocked grain.


  • Scientific Name: Milicia excelsa, M. regia (syn. Chlorophora excelsa, C. regia)

    Distribution: Tropical Africa

    Tree Size: 100-130 ft (30-40 m) tall, 3-5 ft (1-1.5 m) trunk diameter

    Average Dried Weight: 41 lbs/ft3 (660 kg/m3)

    Specific Gravity (Basic, 12% MC): .55, .66

    Janka Hardness: 1,260 lbf (5,610 N)

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