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Color/Appearance: Heartwood color can be variable, from light orangish brown to gray or olive, sometimes with darker streaks present. Pale sapwood is usually well defined. Figured grain patterns (curly, mottled, burl) are not uncommon.

Grain/Texture: Grain can be straight, irregular, or wavy. Has a fine uniform texture with low natural luster.

Oregon Myrtle

  • Common Name(s): Myrtle, Oregon Myrtle, California Bay Laurel, Pepperwood

    Scientific Name: Umbellularia californica

    Distribution: Coastal regions of southwest Oregon and central California

    Tree Size: 50-80 ft (15-24 m) tall, 2-3 ft (.6-1 m) trunk diameter

    Average Dried Weight: 40 lbs/ft3 (635 kg/m3)

    Specific Gravity (Basic, 12% MC): .51, .63

    Janka Hardness: 1,270 lbf (5,650 N)

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