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My latest themed brush called "The Hangover". This is the first piece of a shaving set I'm making that will be called "The Morning After". This brush is made to lean to one side and screw with your head the morning after a night of partying. Once I make the complete set I will remove this piece and not sell it separate from the set. It is made from Key West Bishop Wood. It also sports a 24mm Plisson Synthetic Knot. You can also choose from a 24mm Game Changer Knot or a 24mm Sunrise Synthetic knot. Use the drop down box to make your choice. Hand finished with many coats of a durable rock hard glossy finish but not buffed yet! I am known for my themed shaving products. Make one yours today and join the collector group. Razor not included. This is available as a Handle Only, too.

Themed Shaving Brush Named "The Hangover"

  • Made fro Key West Bishop Wood and your choice of 3 Synthetic Knots

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